Harvest Declaration 2021/22

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Below are some frequently encountered questions associated with the Harvest Declaration process.

Harvest Declaration forms for can be filled out online by logging into your National Grower Register account.

The submission deadline to complete your form is 31 December 2023.

For any other queries please see the NGR Grower FAQs, or contact the National Grower Register on 1800 556 630 or admin@ngr.com.au


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  • Which season’s harvest details do I need to compete?

    Harvest declarations are applicable for grain harvested during the previous season – i.e. grain declared in the 2022/23 season was harvested during the 2021/22 season.

  • What does 'Used on farm' or 'Farm use' mean?

    ‘Used on farm’ or ‘Farm use’ refers to grain that has been harvested and then fed to livestock.

  • Why do I need to pay EPR on 'used on farm' grain?

    If a harvest has contributed to your overall yield gain, a royalty should be paid to the variety breeder as this has increased your productivity and revenue.

    Some breeders may insist that an EPR is paid on farmer saved seed for next season.

  • Can I only compete the harvest declaration online?

    While you are encouraged to complete the process online via the NGR website, you can request a hard copy to be mailed out to you.

  • Why don’t all grain buyers deduct EPRs?

    The Australian Crop Breeders association are constantly engaging with grain buyers, to collect and increase the number of buyers who collect EPRs. Unfortunately, some grain buyers do not have systems or choose not to. Requesting that an EPR is automatically deducted when you sell your grain is where you, as the grower, have the most influence on the industry.

  • Why don’t you already have all my delivery and sales information?

    Australian Crop Breeders does not have any special access to information related to varieties grown or the sales that have been made – therefore growers are required to complete a Harvest Declaration so that royalties can be collected. Royalties are invested in breeding varieties with improved genetics for Australian growers.

  • How long do I have to pay EPR on a variety?

    New varieties that are registered under a PBR are subject to End Point Royalties for 20 years after they are created – after this protection period they are freely available for use.