Grain Traders

Grain traders participating in the national EPR collection system can be classified into two segments depending on their mechanisms for collecting royalties:

Collect and remit traders

Grain Traders participating as a collect and remit trader support automatic deductions of End Point Royalties at the point of grain sale. The trader will deduct the relevant EPR amount from the grower’s grain payment and will remit this amount directly to the Royalty Manager for the relevant variety. Accurate grower declaration ensures the correct royalty rate is deducted by the trader, and remitted to the appropriate Royalty Manager. Grain Traders are able to retain an EPR Collection Fee for providing the EPR automatic deduction and remittance service.

In circumstances where a grower sells to a grain trader who is not a collect and remit agent, the grower will need to be invoiced directly by the Royalty Manager for the EPR associated with the sold crop. Information used to generate these invoices is collected by the Royalty Manager from a number of sources.

Data provision traders

When an agent is acting as a data provision trader, they provide a data report to the relevant Royalty Manager for all grain sales of the associated variety within a specific time period. The Royalty Manager will use this report to reconcile grain sales figures with the Harvest Declaration (filled out by the grower) to then generate an invoice.

There are a large number of grain traders operating as data provision agents.


The majority of grain traders participating in a collect and remit capacity have agreed to provide reports in adherence with the following timelines;

Collection Period: September 1 – December 31  |  Remittance & reporting date: January 31

Collection Period: January 1 – April 30  |  Remittance & reporting date: May 31

Collection Period: May 1 – August 31  |  Remittance & reporting date: September 30

Please direct any queries regarding timelines or processes involved with the EPR industry collection system to Denis McGrath at

Participating Grain Traders

Adams Australia Cootamundra Oilseeds PB Seeds
ADM Australia Croker Grain PeaCo
Advantage Grain CropConnect Pinnacle Grain
AG Schilling Deacon Seeds Planfarm Grain
Agracorp Emerald Grain Plumgrove
Agrigrain Energreen Premium Grain Handlers
AgriOm Esperance Quality Grains Priag Marketing
Agrioz Export Trading Group Aust. Profectis
AGT Foods Fletchers Pure Foods Milling
Allawah Commodities FTA Foods // Ward McKenzie Quadra
Allied Pinnacle / Soft Commodities Flexigrain Quaker Oats
Altora Ag Services Gehrke Grains Riordan Grain
Aperture Ag Graincell Riverina Australia
Arrow Commodities Graincorp Riverina Oilseeds
Australian Grain Exports Hanlon Enterprises Robinson Grain
Australian Growers Direct Hartree Partners Rural Logic
Basis Commodities Inari International Savannah Ag
Beangrowerrs Independent Grain Handlers Shepherd Grain
BFB Commodities Inghams Standard Commodities
Blue Lake Milling Itochu Stewart Grains
Boort Coop Jerilderee GH&S Tiger Commodities
Brahman Commodities JK Milling Tremlett Grain
Bunge Louis Dreyfus Venedor International
Cargill / AWB Mandala Trading Viterra Australia
CBH Grain Manildra Grain Trust WA Grains
Cente State Exports Market Check (AgRIsk) Waterfield
Chalmers Grain McNaughts Wilkens Grain
Chester Commodities Melaleuka Wilmar Trading Australlia
CHS Broadbent Mellco Wimpak
CLEAR MSM Milling Wirrinourt Pastoral
COFCO Agri Mt Tyson / Qld Cotton Woods Grain
Coorow Seeds (SeedNet no) PB Agrifood## XLD Grain
Yenda Producers

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