New homegrown varieties for AGT 2023

This year has been a significant milestone year in which Australian Grain Technologies celebrated 20 years of grain breeding excellence.

Proudly homegrown, we have become the largest plant breeding company in Australia.

With each of our breeding centres based in rural communities, we recognise that we operate with the support of the communities in which we live and work. For this reason, AGT have provided grants to various communities across Australia in order to help them provide services for the residents within and surrounding Australia’s farming centres.

While these grants have gone some small way to enriching the lives of Australia’s farming communities, AGT’s core focus remains in providing the best crops available to all Australian grain growers, and so we are always searching for better field crop varieties.

The new varieties AGT have released for the 2023 growing season once again show ground breaking innovation and a fitting celebration of 20 years of growth.

Dan Vater, AGT head of variety support describes some of the exciting new releases for the 2023 season.


“ We introduce TitanAX – The world’s first CoAxium barley.

Titan AX will be the first barley variety to be released by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) as part of the CoAXium® Barley Production System, offering tolerance to Aggressor® (a Group 1, Quizalofop-P-Ethyl) herbicide, offering growers a new tool for control of tough annual grass weeds including brome grass, barley grass, wild oats, susceptible ryegrass, and ALS (Group 2) resistant weeds.

The system provides more crop rotation freedom due to lack of soil residue, offering an alternative to Clearfield® technology. Importantly, Aggressor® herbicide applied according to the label will not result in residues in barley grain.

Titan AX is agronomically similar to popular variety Compass It’s a plant type that particularly lends itself to low-medium or Mallee style environments where early vigour and longer straw is preferred.”


“Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) have broken new ground with the release of three new Open Pollinated (OP) canola varieties, Bandit TT, Renegade TT and Outlaw.

Bandit TT is a very quick flowering variety that has shown its best adaptation in quick season environments and lower yield potential areas. Meanwhile Renegade TT is a quick flowering variety and picks up from Bandit TT in environments that are mid-yield potential and appears to have wider adaptation. Finally, Outlaw is a very quick flowering conventional variety with impressive yield. Overall, Outlaw has shown yields 4% higher than AV Garnet, leading the charge in the smaller conventional market segment.

In celebration of AGT’s 20th anniversary, seed of all 3 varieties of canola will be given away FREE to growers of other AGT crops.”


“ Patron  has tested off the back of outstanding yield performance in both AGT and NVT trials, and is now the yield benchmark for durum growing regions of SA and Victoria.

Not only does Patron offer elite yields over all established varieties, but it has also recorded high test weights and low screenings in trials, and has an ADR quality classification in the Southern Zone.

Patron has particularly excelled in medium-high yield potential environments and is an excellent alternative to the commonly grown DBA Aurora

The disease profile of Patron is comparable with most durum varieties currently on the market, with good resistance to most foliar diseases, with provisional data suggesting that Patron offers a slight improvement in crown rot resistance over other commonly grown varieties.”


“Willaura – The high rainfall specialist

In recognition of the growing need for slower maturing, milling quality wheat varieties suited to higher rainfall environments of southern Australia, AGT have developed the outstanding new variety, Willaura.

Willaura is a white grained variety and has an AH quality classification, opening up many more avenues to market compared with the red-grained varieties that get grown extensively in high rainfall areas.

Willaura is a slow-very slow maturing spring wheat, reaching head emergence over a week later than milling wheats Rockstar and LRPB Trojan, and at a similar time to popular red-grained feed variety LRPB Beaufort. Across early season trials, Willaura has recorded improvements in grain yield over Rockstar and LRPB Trojan, and comparable or slightly higher than LRPB Beaufort.

Willaura enters the market with a provisional rating of MRMS to stripe rust, which is considerably better than other milling grade wheats like Rockstar and LRPB Trojan.”


More information on all of these varieties, along with proven performers released last year such as Calibre, Minotaur and Cyclops can be found at


Photo: Dan Vater, head of variety support at AGT

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