Australian Exporters Company (AEXCO)

AEXCO has appointed a number of Seed Management Collaborators (SMCs) to produce and distribute seed of their hay oat varieties in the key hay growing regions of Australia. For more information about location and contact details of your nearest SMC please go to the AEXCO website.

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT)

AGT aims to make it easy for every Australian grain grower to enjoy access to its improved varieties. There are two ways to source seed of AGT varieties.

AGT Affiliates are a network of professional seed growers and processors based in key locations across Australia, chosen to produce and distribute the very best quality seed of AGT varieties in accordance with the industry’s highest quality standards. AGT Affiliates are responsible for production, grading, sales and distribution of all AGT varieties. They offer both wholesale and retail sales capacity, meaning growers can access seed of AGT varieties from AGT Affiliates directly or through most agricultural merchandising retail stores. AGT does not sell seed direct to growers, nor does AGT earn any income from the sale of seed. Find out more here.

Seed Sharing™ is a low cost way of introducing AGT’s improved genetics into your program. Seed Sharing™ is a licensed farmer-to-farmer trading scheme where grain of selected AGT varieties may be traded between farmers to use as seed. Farmers who have grown a crop of an AGT variety may sell seed to another farmer at a price or arrangement negotiated between them, providing they complete an AGT Seed Sharing™ License Agreement form. Find out more here.

Associates – Pacific Seeds (PacSeeds)

Pacific Seeds network of regional-based associates are responsible for producing, processing, distributing and selling Pacific Seeds’ wheat planting seed. They will ensure that quality seed is available to retailers and growers in a timely, convenient and economical manner. Seed is available each season from your preferred Pacific Seeds’ associate and other retailers. Find out more at the Pacific Seeds website.

Barenbrug Australia

Barenbrug is a seed company driven by significant investment in research and development designed to deliver greater productivity for farmers throughout Australia. As a member of the Royal Barenbrug group, Barenbrug Australia produces market leading varieties of pasture, forage, broadacre crops and turf. A national sales and customer service team ensures that farmers get the best seed varieties to suit their specific needs.

For all orders, please contact Barenbrug Australia on 1800 007 333. Seed License can be viewed at the Barenbrug Australia website.

Coorow Seeds

Coorow Seeds is a private company that provides a quality service to growers, seed producers, exporters, importers, distributors and end users. It cleans grain, sells seed, and exports grain and value added products in containers. The company supplies feed and food grain products for domestic and export clients. Find out more at the Coorow Seeds website.

Free to Trade

Growers can openly trade seed of these varieties with other growers. Please note that some varieties can only be traded freely between growers in specific states.

If unsure about seed distribution arrangements please check with the company responsible for seed distribution or contact


GrainSearch is the largest grower-owned cereal seed company in Australia providing new and improved cereal varieties to growers nationally. GrainSearch partners with a number of domestic and international plant breeders to commercialise new varieties in the Australian marketplace, with 12 cereal varieties released to date.

Seed is made available to growers via key Affiliates who wholesale GrainSearch seed via local reseller stores as well as direct to farmer sales.

For details on your closest GrainSearch Affiliate and information about the range of cereal varieties, please visit the GrainSearch website  or contact 0448 318 262.

InterGrain / InterGrain Seedclub Members

InterGrain is a leading cereal breeding company with varieties occupying a significant proportion of Australian cereal crop growing regions; bred by a strong team of experienced breeders who remain committed to delivering products which satisfy grower and end-user market requirements.

InterGrain markets its own wheat and barley varieties and has appointed a number of seed processors, Seedclub Members, who have the rights to produce, sell and distribute seed of new and future varieties. The company prides itself on breeding varieties which provide long lasting productivity gains for grain growers, working closely with Seedclub Members to produce high quality seed.

Wheat varieties including Devil, Vixen, Kinsei, Sheriff CL Plus and Chief CL Plus and barley varieties Spartacus CL, Buff and La Trobe are available for sale through Seedclub Members (supply varies between members).

Member contact details are available on the InterGrain website. Resellers and growers are strongly encouraged to access seed of InterGrain varieties through their chosen Seedclub Member.


Nuseed is an Australian owned and operated broadacre seed company. It prides itself on producing and supplying Australian farmers with the latest seed technology in the highest quality products.

Nuseed is investing in the future of Australian farming through its many and varied research and development programs, both domestically and around the globe. It is actively involved in the breeding, development and commercialisation of canola and Monola.

By providing a range of products that add value, through the supply chain and post the farm gate, Nuseed aim to improve returns to both the farmer and the industry. Find out more at the Nuseed Australia website.

Pacific Seeds

With over 55 years on the Australian agricultural scene, Pacific Seeds has demonstrated its commitment to bringing the best plant genetics and seed technology to Australia’s farming community.

Based in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs, but with research and production facilities and sites across Australia, Pacific Seeds has a strong history in breeding, research and production of hybrid and open pollinated broadacre crops.

The main crops groups include canola, corn, forage and grain sorghums, forage oats and wheat. Part of the Advanta Group, find out more at the Pacific Seeds website.

PB Seeds

PB Seeds specialises in the field of fine quality seed and grains. The business is vertically integrated from the production of seed and grain, processing and packaging to marketing seed and grain domestically and internationally.

Catering for small to large quantities, from retail packs to containers for export, the company’s production processes have excellent efficiency and traceability with HACCP quality assurance. Seed must pass strict crop QA, grain processing and quality testing and final processed seed QA standards. With more than 20 years’ experience in lentils, pulses and other grains, PB Seeds is based near Horsham in Victoria with extensive networks across Australia and overseas.

PBSeeds is the commercial partner to Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA) for the release of PBA lentil varieties across Australia. PBSeeds and PBA are delivering lentil varieties to growers 2-4 years earlier by fast tracking the identification, multiplication, generation of information and release of new varieties.

All PBA lentil varieties are grown under a PBR bag license or license agreement and are available from many local resellers. Find out more here.

Seed Associates (Pacific Seeds)

Pacific Seeds network of regional-based associates are responsible for producing, processing, distributing and selling the company’s wheat planting seed. The network of Pacific Seeds’ associates ensure that quality seed is available to retailers and growers in a timely, convenient and economical manner. Seed is available this season from your preferred Pacific Seeds’ associate and other retailers.

SeedCell (Nuseed)

SeedCell is an alliance between Nuseed and prominent seed sheds in eastern Australia. The SeedCell alliance will ensure high quality seed of Nuseed wheat varieties will be available in the volumes required for eastern state wheat growers on a regional basis.

All Nuseed varieties grown, processed and sold through SeedCell members pass rigorous minimum QA standards, including paddock inspections, and minimum purity and germination standards. Learn more at the Nuseed website.  

Seed Force

For more information about the seed distribution arrangements for Seed Force wheat and barley varieties please call 03 5832 3800.


SeedGroup comprises three separate Western Australian seed production and distribution companies:

  • Australian Seed and Grain, Moora Phone: 08 9651 1069
  • EDSCO, Kellerberrin Phone: 08 9045 4036
  • multiSEED, Esperance Phone: 08 9071 1053
Seed Management Collaborators (SMC)

AEXCO oat hay varieties are distributed via a group of seed production and distribution collaborators.

For more information about the location and contact of these collaborators please visit the AEXCO website.


SeedNet Partners are a national network of 18 regionally based rural seed businesses servicing retailers and growers with SeedNet varieties. The network offers retailers and growers cost effective access to quality assured seed, backed by local knowledge and service.

For queries relating to the nearest Seednet Partner contact your local Territory Sales Agronomist:

  • North Eastern Australia – Jon Thelander – Tel: 0429 314 909
  • South Eastern Australia – Stuart Ockerby – Tel: 0448 469 745
  • Western Region Manager WA – David Clegg – Tel: 0408 630 641