Grower Services 1800 199083

  • Log onto your LoadNet Account
  • Select Reports and identify the Commodity and Variety Information you are seeking


Grower Support 1300 880432

  • Login to ‘Grainmate’
  • View a live feed of all your delivered tickets > see what’s sold and what’s left in warehouse > Easily reconcile what tickets have been cashed or allocated to contracts > Downloadable file easily accessible


Stocks Team Hot Line 1800 809482

Where can I find my tickets’ variety, paddock, quality information and other details?

There are a few of ways to do this: Log into Crop Connect

  • If you are looking to compare multiple tickets, go to ‘Accounting’ > ‘Delivery Summary’ and select the ‘Receivals’ tab. Use the ‘edit columns’ drop-down at the top of the page to add or remove columns from the screen.
  • If you are looking for a specific ticket, go to ‘Accounting’ > ‘Delivery Summary’ and select the ‘Receivals’ tab. From here, search for your ticket and click on the ticket number on the results page to view your ticket details. You can access the same information from the ‘All’ tab on ‘My Stock’ > ‘Tickets’.

‘Grower Portal’

Grower Services 1800 447246

Instructions for finding delivery ticket variety information

  • Log into ‘Grower Portal’
  • In the ‘View Tickets’ Screen you can see all the grower deliveries
  • Select ‘Search Critieria’ from the available dropdowns to create a report and select Search


Grower Service Centre 1800 018205

No instruction guide available – Viterra have suggested growers contact them via their Grower Service Centre if they are having difficulty creating a variety delivery ticket report.