Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is Australia’s largest wheat breeding company. With support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) AGT also manages Australia’s largest triticale breeding program and is involved in durum wheat breeding. In addition, AGT is involved in a wide range of related research activities aimed at providing better information on new varieties so that growers can optimise the benefits available through the improved genetics. AGT’s aim is to the improve the  prosperity of Australian grain growers through the delivery of improved varieties. AGT manages major breeding centres at Narrabri in northern NSW, Horsham in Victoria, Roseworthy in South Australia and Esperance in Western Australia.  AGT has recently announced the establishment of a further major breeding operation in the Northam area of the central/northern wheat belt of Western Australia.AGT distributes seed of new varieties through a network of professional seed growers called AGT Affiliates but AGT itself raises no revenue through the sale of seed.  AGT manages marketing and most aspects of end point royalty collection in-house in order to maximise the proportion of royalties re-invested in the development of new improved varieties for the long term benefit of the Australian grains industry.
GrainSearch is a grower owned wheat and barley Evaluation Company. Initially formed in 2002 by a small group of innovative grain growers in SW Victoria, GrainSearch has since released over 12 commercial wheat and barley varieties, 4 of which are still widely grown in 2015/16. GrainSearch works with a number of Australian and International Breeding Collaborators to identify new high quality and/or profitable varieties for cereal growers and has expanded its program to include evaluation of varieties suited to many MRZ and LRZ regions of Australia as well as its core strength working in the HRZ regions.
InterGrain Pty Ltd was formed in October 2007 when the Western Australian State Government and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) elected to privatise the long standing and highly successful Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA) wheat breeding program, with the State Government and GRDC being the founding shareholders. In 2009/10 the shareholders saw the opportunity to expand the InterGrain business by transferring the barley breeding program from DAFWA to InterGrain, a program that had been delivering productive varieties to WA growers for over 50 years.

Corporatisation of the wheat and barley programs was consistent with the Australia-wide trend to encourage private sector investment in plant breeding, and has enabled the establishment of a commercial wheat and barley breeding powerhouse committed to delivering elite cereal varieties to Australian growers. In August 2010, Monsanto became the third shareholder of InterGrain.

The collaboration with Monsanto is based on:

  • Germplasm exchange,
  • Technology, including the use and development of marker assisted breeding
  • Access to biotech traits in the longer term.

To support the company’s national barley breeding program, a collaboration with Syngenta was formed in June 2012 (non-equity). This partnership combines InterGrain’s barley breeding expertise and proven germplasm with Syngenta’s world-class malting barley capabilities and germplasm. This collaboration will deliver new varieties with superior yield and quality attributes for barley growers world-wide.

InterGrain wheat and barley breeding programs service the major cereal growing areas across Australia. Both cereal breeding programs have been highly successful and as a result InterGrain varieties occupy a significant proportion of the area sown to cereals in Australia.

Nuseed is an Australian owned and operated broadacre seed company. Nuseed prides itself on producing and supplying Australian farmers with the latest seed technology in the highest quality products.Nuseed is investing in the future of Australian farming through its many and varied research and development programs, both domestically and around the globe. Nuseed is actively involved in the breeding, development and commercialisation of the core Australian broadacre crops:WHEAT – BARLEY – CANOLA – SUNFLOWER – SORGHUM – FORAGE – CORN.Nuseed aim to improve returns to both the farmer and the industry, in providing a range of products that add value, through the chain and post farm gate.
Pacific Seeds network of regional-based associates are responsible for producing, processing, distributing and selling Pacific Seeds’ wheat planting seed. The network of Pacific Seeds’ associates will ensure that quality seed is available to retailers and growers in a timely, convenient and economical manner. Seed is available season from your preferred Pacific Seeds’ associate and other retailers.
Heritage Seeds is a Seed Company driven by significant investment in Research and Development. Designed to deliver greater productivity for farmers throughout Australia. As a member of the Royal Barenbrug group, Heritage Seeds produces market leading varieties of pasture, forage, broadacre crops and turf.The recent acquisition of Seedmark has strengthened our portfolio of products on offer and establishes new partnerships in plant breeding and seed production. Our national sales and customer service teams ensure that farmers get the best seed varieties to suit their specific needs.
Seednet (formerly AWB Seeds) is a national seed business. It has the vision, skills, infrastructure and commitment to provide leadership and direction to the breeding, acquisition, development and distribution of superior grain varieties.Seednet is strongly committed to maximising the uptake of new varieties, subject to quality, agronomic fit, and a demonstrated benefit to growers. We believe growers should benefit individually and in aggregate from the uptake of new varieties. We also believe that new varieties should demonstrate some desired trait or special quality advantage over existing varieties, and should make a fundamental contribution to improving the average quality profile of the national crop. Alternatively, new varieties should demonstrate some form of agronomic benefit relative to existing varieties, and should thereby contribute to improved gross margin returns for growers.Seednet understands the importance of continued research and development, and facilitates this through our investment in a number of breeding programs. The products of such research have the potential to maximise sustainable production, accelerate the adoption of superior grain varieties and improve the overall quality of seed available to growers.